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Act 7 – The Little Shop of Horrors


Taller d’història de Gràcia

7.30pm “Classics of science fiction”.

Presentation and screening of the movie The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) directed by Roger Corman.

  • Original title The Little Shop of Horrors
  • Year 1960.
  • Duration 72 min.
  • Country USA.
  • Direction Roger Corman
  • Script Charles Griffith
  • Music Fred Katz
  • Photography Arch R. Dalzell
  • Casting Jonathan Haze, Mel Welles, Jackie Joseph, Dick Miller, Myrtle Vail, Leola Wendorff, Jack Nicholson, Tammy Windsor, Toby Michaels, Leola Wendorff, Lynn Storey
  • Co-production Filmgroup / Santa Clara Productions


Seymour Krelboin (Jonathan Haze), a young clerk at a florist’s shop, is in love with his partner Audrie (Jackie Joseph), but she goes out with a sadistic dentist. One day, just after a strange eclipse, he buys a strange plant, which he baptizes as Audrie II. The plant grows quickly, thanks to Seymour providing the food he needs, and becomes a spectacular example, a real attraction for the city.

Presented by Acontraplano

All activities are free and will be carried out at the workshops of Historia de Gràcia.

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