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Act 1 – Inauguration of the BFF 2019 festival

Inauguration of the festival


Jaume Fuster Library 18 h

6.10 pm Concert BSO The Band of the Kostka Music School (EMK) of Jesuïtes de Gràcia Col·legi Kostka will perform fragments of several soundtracks. Directed by Judit Marmi and Lídia Miralles.

  • Superman Theme John Williams Arr. Judit Marmi
  • James Bond Theme John Barry Arr. Judit Marmi
  • Forrest Gump Theme Alan Silvestri Arr. Lídia Miralles
  • Star Wars – Throne Room John Williams Arr. Lídia Miralles

6.30 pm Presentation of the science fiction film EVA (2011) directed by Kike Maíllo and with the presence of its protagonist Clàudia Vega.

7:00 pm screening of the film EVA (2011).

  • Duration, 94 minuts.
  • Country Spain.
  • Address Kike Maíllo
  • Screenplay Sergi Belbel, Cristina Clemente, Martí Roca, Aintza Serra
  • Music Sacha Galperine, Evgueni Galperine
  • Photography Arnau Valls Colomer
  • Casting Daniel Brühl, Claudia Vega, Marta Etura, Alberto Ammann, Lluís Homar, Anne Canovas, Sara Rosa Losilla, Manel Dueso
  • Producer Escándalo Films / Ran Entertainment


Year 2041. In the not too distant future, human beings live accompanied by mechanical creatures. Alex (Daniel Brühl), a prestigious cybernetic engineer, returns to Santa Irene with an assignment from the School of Robotics: the creation of a robot child. During his absence, his brother David (Alberto Ammann) and his fiancee Llana (Marta Etura) have been married. Alex’s routine is changed in an unexpected way by Eva (Claudia Vega), the daughter of Lana and David, a special, magnetic girl, who from the first moment maintains a relationship of complicity with Alex. Together they will embark on a journey that will precipitate them towards a revealing end.

Presented by Jordi de la Torre (@gott37)

All activities are free and will be held in the spaces of the Jaume Fuster Library .

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