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BCN Fantasci-Film Fest third edition

BCN Fantasci-Film Fest third edition May 2019

We thank to the director Quentin Lecocq for this great spot.


Our festival is geared towards science fiction, terror and fantasy, genres. So, fulfilling this conditions, we are currently accepting submissions for our third edition. They should be directed by people over 16 years old.

The Deadline for all three categories is april 25, 2019 at 23:59 (Spain).

The organization reserves their right to close the deadline before this date, if necessary, through online platforms,

Digital files will be part of the heritage of our Festival, and they could be used for non-profit cultural activities or to publicize this festival, so “Festival de Curts BCN Fantascy-film fest” is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from, or the entire film submitted, and accepted for exhibition at the Festival, for promotional purposes or non profit cultual activities. The individual or corporation submitting the film, hereby, warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.


1. Each author and / or collective can present more than one work

2. The organization of the Festival presupposes that the holders of the short films presented have all rights to exhibit and promote the works and material they represent. This festival trusts that they will be responsible for not being subject to any legal claim, and will decline any legal responsibility related to the shortfilms presented and their holders.

3. Shipping costs will be borne by the participants.


  1. The subject of the short films will vary according to the category
  • Cience fiction category: It’s theme will be free, about any secondary genre, nevertheless, science fiction has to prevail, (character of this festival) and using any technique (real image, animation, computer graphics …). Documentary short films will not be accepted..
  • Fantasy Category: It’s theme will be free, about any secondary genre, nevertheless the genre of fantasy has to prevail (character of this festival), and using any technique (real image, animation, computer graphics …). Documentary short films will not be accepted .
  • Terror category: It’s theme will be free, about any secondary genre, nevertheless the horror genre (character of this festival) has to prevail, and any technique carried out (real image, animation, computer graphics …). Documentary short films will not be accepted.

2. Length of short films may not exceed 15 minutes.

3. Short films must have been finished completely after January 1, 2017

4. Registration will be made online and only through one of these platforms:

Click for Festivals - Connecting Films and Festivals

5. Registration fees are as follows:

  • from 15 January to 1 April: 2 euros
  • from April 2 to April 20: 5 euros
  • from April 20 to April 25: 8 euros

6. All Short films must be submitted in Spanish or Catalan languages, or, if not, subtitled in one of these two languages.

7. The selected ones are asked to send the short films to HD compatible files as their viewing will be done from a hard disk.


1. This event has four prizes. Three prizes will be chosen by a professional independent jury and another by the attending public at the pass session of finalists.

  • Best fantasy short film: (prize + gift)
  • Best short film of Sci-Fi: (prize + gift)
  • Best horror short film: (prize + gift)
  • Special prize by the attending public: (prize + Gift)


1. The commission of the BCN Fantastic-film fest is responsible for this festival and for managing the information derived from it.

2. commission responsabilities :

  1. Select short films will be presented to a professional jury and they will be screened on May 18.
  2. Notify the authors of selected films as of May 1, 2019.

3. They reserve the right to:

  1. Reject a work due to poor quality of image or sound.
  2. Modify any point in these rules if circumstances are required (committing to the relevant notifications)


  1. Decisions of jury will be unappealable.
  2. Our judging panel consists of 3 experienced professionals related to cinema. The jury may grant special mentions (without an economic grant or a trophy). To know more about the jury click here.


1. The organization will establish as soon as possible the exact calendar of screening the selected films.

2. The awards ceremony of this festival is scheduled on May 18, 2019 at about 9:00 pm, in Barcelona city.


1. Incidents not contemplated in these bases will be solved by the Festival Commission.

2. Acceptance of these bases implies accepting that the finalist works, in future festival campaigns, as well as the photographs and recordings made during the 2019 festival, may appear in videographic and photographic records, in written press or in digital broadcasts by reason of the Festival BCN Fantasci-film fest (exclusively).


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